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Pre-plan Challenge

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I was told to write about ladders again, and I will, but first I have a Pre-plan Challenge for you.

Fire Ops

We want you to Identify basic functions by putting yourself in the position of our brother and sisters in the videos. Remember these are videos and you could be the next week. We want to learn and grow not critcize. Five basic points to consider. •Size-Up •Command •Hose Lines ( Deployment, Number ) •Truck Functions […]

Truck Positioning

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When positioning your aerial truck square up with your objective, there will be a lot less twisting and negative force on your truck.

Pre- Planning a tool for Fire Ground Survival

Often times firefighters have to gripe when being told they have to conduct Pre-Planning. During this time firefighters should understand the opportunity that has been afforded to them. Firefighters have to take notice of the construction , and hazards while the building is open to them. Even if a firefighters are on one man company […]

D.E.R. Deep Environmental Retrofit

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            D.E.R.  Deep Environmental Retrofit, the process of adding large amounts of insulation and wind proofing to older buildings.  The concept is simple; Add more layers of insulation and wind proofing to cut down on the amount of energy needed to heat or cool a building. The layers are: 1. […]

Pre-Planning, Where to start.

Get out in the street and Pre-Plan