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How well do you know your weapon

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Many times as I travel across my state and even on vacation I stop into firehouses and ask or inquire about their departments operation.

Hold Your Assignment

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Often times aggressive fire companies want to get inside and do work, but it is with that same aggression firefighters get killed. If any firefighter out there could justify why 15 firefighters should be operating in a 1100 sq ft ranch house here is your opportunity. Firefighters have to be thinking firefighters, and use the […]

D.E.R. Deep Environmental Retrofit

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            D.E.R.  Deep Environmental Retrofit, the process of adding large amounts of insulation and wind proofing to older buildings.  The concept is simple; Add more layers of insulation and wind proofing to cut down on the amount of energy needed to heat or cool a building. The layers are: 1. […]

When to use 2.5 ” ADULTS “

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A — Advanced Fire Upon Arrival  D — Defensive Operating Mode (Defensive Operations)  U  — Unable to Determine the Extent (Size) or Location of the Fire  L — Large, Uncompartmented Areas  T  — Tons of Water  (One ton of water per minute with a 1-1/8” tip)  S   — Standpipe Operations

Door Chocking

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I know we’re called Firefighter Basics.  I was actually wondering if this subject was TOO basic to cover.  It’s not.  We went on a run the other day and the officer told the 5 year guy to chock the door.  The 5 year guy reaches up to his helmet and lo and behold the 2 […]

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