Cooking Mexican

Often times we think we have our act together as a crew, but have you ever thought about Cooking Mexican?

Being the Boss Does Not Always Mean Be The Boss

If you have to tell people your the ” Boss ” and ” In control ” are you really

Tactics Tuesday: Read the Smoke

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What is the smoke telling you

Water Supply Part 2

Got Water?

Never Forgetting 9/11/2001

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Never forget. Nothing else left to say

Flashover Friday

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Is it the right thing to do to hire Company Officers from the outside. Have they truly earned this title they now hold. Firefighters are now being faced with administrations who think so. Forrest Gump said it best ” Life is like a box of Chocolates you never know what you are going to get”

Join some of the crew from Firefighter Basics in Class Colleton Fire, Task Force 1

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Come out and do some training with the members of Firefighter Basics

Water Supply By Training38

Does your department lay its own line from a hydrant or do you bring it to the scene via Tankers? Each has its own challenges. First let’s look at laying a supply line. Some departments require the first in engine to lay a dry line and the second due charges the line. Others require the first in engine to establish their own water supply. While other departments have the second due catches the hydrant and secures the water supply. When catching your own hydrant, some issues arise.

Size Up’s: Necessary or Just Unnecessary Radio Traffic

Is a size-up necessary or is it unnecessary radio traffic? Why?

What’s in your hosebed?

How often do we think about the line in the hosebed of the engine?

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