Truck Company Series

Forcible Entry Basics- This course is an Introduction to basic forcible entry on the fire ground for mostly residential responses. We will cover convential inward/ outward swinging  doors, garage doors, and through the lock.

Truck Basics-  This course is designed to provide the basis for Truck functions to be provided on the fire ground. We will cover tools to be used during Truck functions such as pike poles, saws, salvage covers, PPV fans and etc… This class will cover building construction, residential search, ventilation, ladders, salvage, and overhaul. This course is a must for suburban and rural fire departments as it will bring you back to the basics that assist in making fire grounds safer, and aid an aggressive successful attack.

Truck Operations- This course will add onto the previous Truck basics. This course will cover operations conducted by Truck companies during commercial fires. This course will use scenarios to bring together the old and new skills. This class will be very physically demanding as there will be a lot of crawling, throwing ground ladders, and etc….

Truck Operations without the truck- Many fire departments across the nation are engine based departments. No problem this course will allow you to see, you can still get the functions done of a truck, and the need to get truck functions done on the fire ground. During this course we will run multiple scenarios to bring this to life.


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