Firefighter Survival

This course is designed to assist firefighters in surviving on the fire ground if an emergency occurs. Firefighters will learn skills that will assist them in getting back home to see the one’s who matter most, Family. Skills used in this course are from some of the instructors OWN experiences and trainings from courses like FDTN, IAFF Survival Program,and many other Saving your own programs and drills created around our own firehouses. This course is a minimum of ( 10 ) very physically demanding and requires SCBA and Turnout gear. Class is not time driven but task driven. This course will exceed NFPA 1407 and have you prepared for fire ground emergencies through repetition and muscle memory. Course content provided is a course manual with skill sheets and diagrams of how to build the props for your department. This course is a must have for any firefighter. Contact us today for a proposal.

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