Engine Company Series

Engine Basics– This course is all about being a good engine firefighter and a must have. It is just as we are saying, The Basics! Firefighters will be taken through the way nozzles operate, how they can fail, and what you can do if they fail. The course will also cover line deployment for multiple fire scenarios, advantages and disadvantages to static and pre-connected hose loads. Students will perform multiple hose loads and deployments to gain the skill needed for Engine operations.

Engine Operations– This course starts to put the meat and potatoes together from the engine basics. Our goal during this course is to hone in on the engine skills needed for effective and smooth operations on the fire ground. We will run scenarios at your fixed facility or your acquired structure that are sure to challenge you and provide you with the tools necessary to select the correct line for the fire, properly advance, and extinguish the fire. We will cover residential, multifamily, commercial, and High Rise structures if applicable.

Rural Firefighting– This course is one of very few if not the only of it’s kind in regard to rural firefighting. In this course we will discuss and perform deployment strategies for a successful fire operation with a minimal amount of firefighters. Learn several proven ways to establish your water supply system and deploy a firefighting force that will lead to a safe but aggressive operation. During this course we will cover accountability and the COMPANY CONCEPT.

High-Rise/ Standpipe Operations– This course is taught by  veterans of the fire service who have the fire ground experience to deliver you real world tactics. This course will cover putting together High- Rise kits, standpipes, line selection and many more. Attendees will leave knowing they have the skills to tackle this structures. Course will include Dave Mcgrails High-Rise firefighting and Standpipe operations.

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  • Kent Stukey says:

    We are a basically rural volunteer (paid per call) dept. 22 Firefighters on the roster. Interested in Engine Basics, Engine Operations, Rural Firefighting, and anything you may have on SCBA’s. Kent

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