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Communication and Technique are Componets of Fireground Search

When conducting Fireground searches two components for a successful search are communication and technique.  Using your basic left hand/right hand search patterns and communicating  leads to a safer, faster, more efficient fire ground search. While doing an evolution in a training class my partner and I went upstairs and entered what I thought to be a […]

Comments trouble

If any one is having trouble posting comments, please E-mail us at Sorry for any trouble you may encounter in the mean time.

“The New Guy” part 2

To the “rookies” that may be reading this, to you, I say welcome to your new family. You are in for an interesting time. Fun, sorrow, good times and bad. As soon as you find out what shift you are going to, go in the shift before you start and “break the ice” and visit […]

Welcome To Firefighter Basics

Welcome to Firefighter Basics. Firefighter Basics was founded to discuss and provide for what is the foundation of the fire service.  This site will cover topics on basic firefighting and advanced. We hope to bring tips and techniques that you can immediately use on the fireground.

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