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Truck Positioning

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When positioning your aerial truck square up with your objective, there will be a lot less twisting and negative force on your truck.

Do you know what the Markings Are?

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Do you know what these markings are used for? If so, do you use them?

Identify Basics

There is always talk of the basics and what they mean to the fire ground. Basics are the Key to preventing fire ground emergencies. Every week we will look at a fire not to poke fun or disrespect the agency in the photo or video, but in an effort to use these to open discussion […]

Down South Trucking!

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Often times fire ground operations dictate aggressive engine work and the situation will get better for everyone, but who is looking out for the firefighters making the push. We are condition to make excuses or rely on the Fast/RIT teams to do basics fire gorund functions such as placing ground ladders for egress for operations […]

Size up this fire.

  The point of view in this video shows almost everything that is happening so you have to imagine yourself showing up at street level and the limited view you would have had.  The first arriving companies thought it was a fire in the rear porches.  They were right, but, the fire was already inside […]

Hello VPS!

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Got VPS? Another look at Vacant Property Systems

Fire Ground Search


Primary and Secondary Searches: Are they Done yet?

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Got Searches Done Yet?

Finally Folks the Ridge Cut

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Advanced Truck Ops? Ridge Vent ever done it?

Elevated Master Streams

How much you got on that Master Stream

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