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Are the EMERGENCY EXITS clear??

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With Christmas arriving in the next few days, many retail stores have greatly increased the amount of stock on shelves. Unfortunately, some businesses may go overboard and place products and/or packing materials in emergency exits. Restricted, or blocked, emergency exits have been contributors to great loss of life during fires. When this problem is identified, […]

Legacy Tactics Part II by Training 38

So what does it take, to effectively manage a scene and not be labeled as a “Legacy” department? First, you must understand your response area, resource availability and the ability of your personnel. Secondly, once you arrive on scene, paint the picture gives a “Windshield size-up”. Then you must exit the vehicle and conduct a […]

Pre- Planning a tool for Fire Ground Survival

Often times firefighters have to gripe when being told they have to conduct Pre-Planning. During this time firefighters should understand the opportunity that has been afforded to them. Firefighters have to take notice of the construction , and hazards while the building is open to them. Even if a firefighters are on one man company […]

Building Inspections

Building Inspections. Ever done them?