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Quick Drill: Donning PPE

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For This drill you will need your apparatus and your turnout gear. Keep your turnout gear in the position you normally would for a response. Get a stopwatch or use the one on your phone. Simulate being toned for a call and then have the time keeper start the clock. Put on your turnout gear […]

Quick Drill: Thermal Imaging

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The next time you go out on your apparatus to the grocery store or just sitting around the fire station take out your TIC and start learning to read the contrast in the pictures. Take one hot and one cold item and sit them in a room of a different ambient temperature. While at the […]

Quick Drill: How Well Do You Know Your SCBA?

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The next time you’re at the firehouse take your SCBA and name all the parts and how they function. Find out all the ways they could fail. If they failed how would you overcome them? It’s your life and you depend on that SCBA in a fire. How well do you know it?

SCBA Confidence Drill

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This is a simple drill that I learned a while back. I find it useful when we get new guys to acclimate them to the SCBA. It is also useful for the guys that have been around for a while and has the ability to humble some of the “Veterans” who think they have it all and are “good to go.” There are a few different versions that I have come up with over the last few years. Please feel free to comment on your likes, and dislikes for the drill and I will post the other versions over the next few weeks.

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