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Door Chocking

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I know we’re called Firefighter Basics.  I was actually wondering if this subject was TOO basic to cover.  It’s not.  We went on a run the other day and the officer told the 5 year guy to chock the door.  The 5 year guy reaches up to his helmet and lo and behold the 2 […]

Failure During Training

During the setup a multi-agency drill, a conversation was started after a prop that was going to be used was built. The conversation covered when to remove a firefighter from the prop that will be used as apart of an Air Management course. The statement was made a firefighter starts to lose it you remove them […]

Single Person Evolutions by Training38

Being Alone is No Excuse Not to Train

Disorientation Drill

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Man I just want to get out of here!

Hello VPS!

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Got VPS? Another look at Vacant Property Systems

Engaged and Ownership

Are you able to engage and take ownership?

Pre-Planning, Where to start.

Get out in the street and Pre-Plan

“Try Me” drill for you and the Drillmaster

Try This

Five Point Size-Up by Lt. Bob Pressler

Help Mnemonic for Size-Up

Type V Construction and You

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Are these structures in your district?

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