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The Old Days

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So many times around the Firehouse, I hear people talk about the “Good old Days.” They talk about how much fun it used to be and the things they did. The things they “got away with” and “How much trouble we could’ve gotten into if we were caught.” The war stories are great to hear […]

Cooking Mexican

Often times we think we have our act together as a crew, but have you ever thought about Cooking Mexican?

Basic Competition Drill

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Here is a quick and easy drill that we found on the internet a little while back. It is fun and promotes friendly competition between all members. All you will need is full P.P.E with SCBA, tape tools, a cone and a stop watch or other timing device. Setting it up takes about 5 minutes. […]

What’s wrong with this picture?

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Ok so I am not claiming to be an expert on loading LDH or anything but to see this makes me wonder. What are people thinking when they load hose? This is the rear of the hose bed. Who was in charge of the process? Paying attention to details can go a long way. Check […]

Kiss Ass or Hard Worker

We have all seen it. The person who is always involved in some project for the Chief or always doing something to “look good” when the Chief is around or when it is promotion time. When it does come time for promotion, this person get’s the position. Let the bashing begin. “They only got there […]

Big City thoughts for a Small City

All over the internet we see video and pictures of big city fire departments, the amazing structure fires they have and the seemingly endless amounts of manpower they are able to provide. Type in any big city that is near you and you will more than likely find a video or two or several that […]

Respect. What’s it to you?

Respect, what does it mean to you? Do you feel it is owed to you or do you have to earn it? Do you want to earn it? Do you do what is needed to earn the respect you want, or do you just sit there, behind your desk, and shout orders? Do you really […]

The “Drunken” Officer

So, this is not going to be an article about officers drinking on the job. It is however, going to be about officers that are so involved in themselves and the title that is bestowed upon them to be an officer, that they become “Drunk” with power. We have all seen this type of person. […]

Knowing your area.

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How many times have you gone out in your district and looked at houses to see if you can spot anything out of the ordinary? Take a look at the picture above. How many of you would think that there are two entrances to this house? Or maybe that they are french doors.  Here is […]

Big Box Search

A few weeks ago some of our guys had the opportunity to attend a class by Chief John Coleman that was titled “Incident Command for the Street Smart Fire Officer.” One of the topics Chief Coleman talked about, was  the “Oriented Method of Search.”  This method can be used to perform a big box search.There are several […]

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