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Hey everyone, I’m back like a really bad habit! How often in your next tour will you as a fireman or a company officer hear the word “Why” come out of a members mouth? This word can be good, bad, or just downright insubordinate. This is my getting back in the grove, so this will be […]

Meet in the middle!

Why agree at all?


From all of us at Firefighter Basics, we wish you all a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving! To our Brothers and Sisters that have the watch, while we eat our turkey, Stay safe, remember the basics! We hope you will have a quiet tour with your second families.  Take care everyone, enjoy the day, because  Firefighter […]


To Firestudent 1 and Mrs. Firestudent 1, from all of us little helpers, We have the Watch, enjoy the vacation! You deserve it, the SSDD will be around for us all. From all of us at Firefighter Basics, enjoy the ocean. We hope the boats name didn’t start with a T or end in an […]

Engaged and Ownership

Are you able to engage and take ownership?

“Try Me” drill for you and the Drillmaster

Try This

Type V Construction and You

Entry Img

Are these structures in your district?

What’s in your hosebed?

How often do we think about the line in the hosebed of the engine?

RIT and a little challenge tossed in.

Ok  folks, here we go. We all or most have been hit by less manpower, because we all know we can do more with less. For those of that run with a 3 person company, (Driver, Boss, and a Firefighter) no real challenge here. For those who have 5 or 6 member teams here is […]

Large Area Search Drill

My department and my company were involved in a large area search drill our last shift. This was a multi- company, multi -department event in an old automotive plant in a neighboring district. I urge everyone reading this to go to Urban Firefighter Magazine, volume 1 for the whole background on this drill, the Brothers […]

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