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“Tradition is an explanation for acting without thinking”  Grace McGarvie The fire service is heavy on tradition, rightfully so.  The problem is when the tradition interferes with your ability to take care of yourself and your family.  “Traditionally” it was unheard of for a public servant to be sued.  Everyone can get sued.  Being sued […]


If you can’t tie a knot, tie a lot. Sage advice my good sir, but I think I’d rather tie a knot.  There is a list of knots that every firefighter is supposed to know.  The list includes Bowline,  Clove hitch,  assorted Eights,  A bend of some type, Overhand safety, Half hitch. I’m not going […]

Basic alarm response.

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Well, since this is a site about basics, let’s have a quick discussion about responding to alarms.  I’m not talking about confirmed fires or medical, or car collisions.  Just responding to the “alarms sounding in a building”  or central station, hooked boxes type responses.  Just a quick primer for Engine and Truck ops, make sure […]

“Guess that Occupancy” answers

1C is  a single family with a hair salon in the basement. 2A is a church.  The front appears the be below grade but because the rear elevation is lower the church is actually above ground.  Restricted access?  Oh yeah. 3D 10 unit Condo building, it might be an apartment building but the units are […]

Let’s play “Guess that Occupancy”.

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OK, more fun with pictures. Occupancies change, and they can be deceiving from the from the outside.  Preplan, Preplan, Preplan.  These are just a couple examples of why you should check out what’s going on in your district. Step 1,  select the pictures that are from the same house 1a, 2b etc…  Step 2, guess […]

What’s inside that wall?

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Building codes are great, they provide a standard for everyone to follow.  What is the result?  Buildings that are all built the same?  Not so much.  Realistically, people do whatever they want, additions here, and alterations there.  Many buildings predate modern codes, others have changed occupancy multiple times in their history.  You have no idea […]

View from the front.

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Has someone ever told you to run around the back and tell them what you see?  Or, as in my area, the second in ladder has this responsibility. How would you describe these front and back pictures to Command? Would they require a radio transmission? What do these “additions”  tell you about what my be […]

Why Are You On That Deck?

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How many people are going to stand on that porch with you?  Did someone take a quick look to see if ANYONE should be on it?  If your department is like mine, I bet it looks like a bachelor party that rented too small of a space.  Take a look, and look again, people do […]

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