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I’m on the Radio.

  I was checking out some of the other firefighter blogs looking for something entertaining.  Lucky for me I stumbled across Lt. Lemon at ELAFF complaining about Radio Redundancy. I suddenly have the urge to complain about the way some people use the radio.  For entertainment purposes only: Push and hold the little button […]

Door Chocking

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I know we’re called Firefighter Basics.  I was actually wondering if this subject was TOO basic to cover.  It’s not.  We went on a run the other day and the officer told the 5 year guy to chock the door.  The 5 year guy reaches up to his helmet and lo and behold the 2 […]

Mother-in-Law is back in town

 Well, my wife’s mom is back in town.  My kids are excited that they would now get more help with their homework.Grandma was an elementary school teacher for 40 odd years before retiring to focus on her true passion; making my life miserable.   I found it interesting that they would look forward to her arrival […]

Tech rescue rant…

Ok, let’s talk technical rescue for a minute.  High risk/low frequency.   Will you get one in your town?  Yes. Will you be able to identify it for what it is?  Probably not. Will you get hurt at this incident?  If you’re lucky, yes.  If unlucky, you’ll die. I’m not good at drama, that’s as close […]

Sliding Across the Seat

  We have a brand new Lieutenant on my company filling in while our assigned boss is out.   I can see the Jr. Lt struggling with his new role and trying to find his place in the chain of command.  He came from a slower district with very few EMT-B’s and a company without a specialty […]

Am I My Brothers Keeper?

Lessons learned from New Jack City

Real Advice to Probies

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No, really this time.

Advice to all Probies

You have two ears and one mouth. Got it yet?

Inmates running the Asylum.

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Some day we will learn!

Remember the Horses

Why can’t we just bring the horses back? Times were easy then!

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