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Thoughts on NFPA 1700

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Some of you may know this but the NFPA is currently in the works of creating a standard on fire attack. It’s proper name is NFPA 1700: Guide for Structural Fire Fighting and it is currently in development with a scheduled completion date of the end of 2016. As we speak a committee called the […]

Custodial Duties

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First off I need to thank Brandon for reminding me of this. This is going to sound bad, but stick it out. When recently asked how a firefighter can make changes in a fire department I gave a list of ways firefighters have lead changes in my department, and I’ll write about that in the […]

Anyone Can Run Away

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About a year ago Pope Francis gave a speech to Vatican staff, that most firefighters can learn from. He touched on 15 issues wrong with the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is one of the largest, oldest, and most organized institutions in the world, yet the issues they face are similar to those we face in […]