Getting Back 2 the Basics: Why did you ever leave them pt. II

Building Construction

66 chestnut St Bos (2)

When you look at these two buildings what do you know about there construction? Have you studied and or experienced the issues that come associated with these types of construction? What are the types of structures you respond to in your area? Some taught me years ago now, its not how the buildings are put together that is so important, but how they come apart. In staying with the basics it embodies the principle Frank Brannigan wrote about in knowing your enemy. The enemy is forever changing. We could go on and on about building construction, but I won’t. I’m gonna direct you to Buildings on Fire produced by a good friend Chief Chris Naum, where he has provided a wealth of knowledge for us all, and in my opinion is the foremost authority today in building construction as it relates to the fire service, and firefighters survival. I highly in encourage you to read Chief Vincent Dunn Collapse of Burning Buildings in which he updated with a second edition and a workbook to help those of you like me, who like a little something extra for retention. The NIST/UL information that is out there pertaining to engineered lumber. The point is, its basic and many of us neglect it as apart of our everyday continuing education.

Personal Protective Equipment


These are three very basics Items to the fire service that we use everyday, and need to maintain.

Turnout gear- Many firefighters are eager to have it, but then seemingly don not want to wear it.

Now your probably asking yourself why? Great question. Now ask yourself the time you did not wear your gear or if you still don’t want, why? Firefighters for some reason like to add an enhanced exposure to getting hurt or killed. Here are a list of my thoughts

1.  Ignorance to the cancerous properties of firefighting

2. A lack of understanding of fire behavior and dynamics

3. This ties for first and second. JUST DUMB

4. Selfish, and a lack of respect for their families and crew

5. It was a learned behavior by a persons or someone they respect

Now undoubtedly someone will get their feelings hurt, and say I am a safety nazi and whatever else. I’m just simply stating the facts, and if it suits you to die a pretty horrible death with cancer that’s on you, just make sure I’m not made the bad guy when I don’t contribute to your go fund me page for money.

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  • I can’t believe people would not care enough about their own lives to not ware all of the required and
    provided Turnout Gear. I mean, what are you going to do when entering and starting your search, STOP and
    sit down and say, let’s just stay out here for a while until it cools ? “Why bother to leave the Station”?

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