Basics Training: Dressing Drilll

The drill below are typical drills that happen almost everyday in the fire service. Focusing on the Drill at hand, is it effective? Does this drill bring forth realistic expectations? In what situations do we layout all of our equipment including SCBA and get dressed? I have a few answers in my head, but I would like you to offer some solutions. In the same mindset, I want you to ask yourself for departments in which normally the SCBA sits in a seat bracket, is this type of drill Relevant and Realistic?

Drill setup

1. Turnout gear

2. SCBA w/ mask

3. Apparatus

4. A stop watch if you want to make it interesting

5. What standard does your department have for turning out the door

If you are in a organization that is volunteer and you meet at the scene, do you have a standard as to which you expect your members to perform.

For those that will be responding from the firehouse, think about getting a call to the building right next to the station or one minute from the station. Keeping in mind you are expected to be belted and get your SCBA on.

Please feel free to add to this.

*Disclaimer* This post is not to reflect on the fire department. This is about the Drill itself. Please consider if you are critical of any aspect, you could be the next one on the video by anybody.

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