What the Spartanburg Burns Really Mean

I will admit when the Spartanburg burns first started my first thought were they were trying to create and ” Outstanding ” Fire Service and I don’t mean Striving for Excellence. I felt as if there was a group of people trying to reinvent the fire service and make themselves the New Age Fire Service. I started hearing terms like Bi and Unidirectional flow and Flow Path. The truth is what the Spartanburg Burns have done is to validate what a group of experienced Fire Service Leaders and Instructors have been saying for quite awhile which is the BASICS WILL PREVENT THE MAYDAYS.

Me and My Gang, and some work too 675

In the picture above several questions have to be answered. Where is the fire going? What is the smoke telling you? How many lines should be deployed? What is your target flow on any residential fire? In the picture above the emphasis was placed on Bi-directional flow, what does that mean to you. It simply means air is coming in the door and going out of an exit and has not been controlled. Further it means if you are not able to deploy a line and flake it out and get water going within 90 seconds of arrival as the air is blowing both ways you will be in the middle of a Tomahawk missile fight with a AR-15. So what does this mean to you, that as many Fire Service Leaders and Instructors far more experienced than we will never escape the Basics. Line deployment, and recognize whether you use the theory of Gallons Per Minute or Gallons per second it still counts the bottom line with today’s petroleum based materials and varying fuel packages anything less than a target flow of 180 GPM you are asking for trouble because GPM’s vs BTU’s still matter. In the video below you will see water applied to a fire for about 10 seconds, it took the fire from 1600 to 400 but within 20 seconds was back up to temperature. That applies back to the Basics if you have not setup the line properly to push in all the water you put in was for not.

Spartanburg Burn 2



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