I Just Gotta Get In There


Colleton House FireUndoubtedly this post will take a lot of heat from the jumpseat heroes who " Just Gotta Get in There ". It appears that while firefighters are working very diligently in keeping the " Culture of Extinguishment " Alive, we continue to encounter another problem. On our Fire Ground today agencies are getting smarter and using more Auto/ Mutual Aid to provide for better staffing on the scene; However our on scene management is one that is going to lead to serious INJURY OR DEATH! Firefighters are continuing to rush into structures seemingly not realizing the potential problems they cause. So let's look at them.

Over Crowding- While operating in a 1200 Sq Ft ranch how many firefighters are needed to search and conduct fire attack? At best 8 firefighters to fulfill interior roles of Attack Line, Back Up Line, Search Group unless you have multiple divisions. So why must the entire 16 out of 20 firefighters " Just Gotta Get IN". In the given scenario if a hostile fire event takes place and firefighters need to retreat what is the likely hood o them all getting out? In dwellings with multiple divisions and even below grade settings, how much weight is being added to the flooring systems?. If using PPV as your ventilation tactic how much air flow are you really getting? Firefighting last I checked is not a reaction profession but yet a thinking and problem solvers profession, that requires common sense and skill. So the next time you " Just Gotta Get In There " Hold Your Position! Think are you benefiting the overall outcome of the operation are you just looking for some " Tactical Entertainment "


  • Chris says:

    I got no problem with this.  You're absolutely correct: there are times when "stomping the fire out" with all the boots that are in the building seems to be the method of extinguishment.

    We've recognized this issue and company officers are now more proactive in requesting no more companies inside buildings with confined or small areas.

  • Jesse says:

    But if I don’t get inside I can’t take that great selfie to show my girlfriend!

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