Your Search Sucks.


  • BH says:

    Having just been through FF1, we were taught to not only sweep with a tool, but to sweep the wall with our other hand to find windows.  Keeping my feet on the wall makes sense to expand my search footprint, but I obviously wouldn't find many windows that way.


    • anchorpoint1 says:

      There are SO many that goes into the manner in which you search;

      1. Is the engine company right behind you?  Are you the engine?  You can be more agressive and you can also vent as you go.

      2. Does the engine coming behind you have a history of not getting the job done?  Maybe you want to be a little more cautious and confine the fire as you go.

      In reality you are not going to get to sweep your tool too much.  There is furniture everywhere, and rooms aren’t big enough.  More likely than not you will be fumbling around with your hands searching above and below everything you encounter in the room. It is also easier to verify there is a floor in front of you with 2 hands on the floor than 1.

      If you can learn to orient yourself really well you will be able to tell if the room you are in should have windows and which wall the are on.   Most walls are not going to have windows, just exterieor ones (and a few exceptions).  If you need to verify a window is present you pull back to the wall and give it a sweep.  Too often it seems firefighters spend more time sweeping the wall than the floor. I will bet big bucks no occupant is going to get disoriented and fall down onto a wall, they will be on the floor or close to it.  The idea is to expand your search away from the wall to cover as uch square footage as possible as quickly and safely as possible.  Finding windows is not the reason for your search, finding people is.

      Thank you for the question.

      • BH says:

        Thank you for the response.  Sounds like the current instruction model focuses less on saving lives and more on assuming that at any given second the searching firefighter has to be able to un-ass the building.  

        The fact that if said firefighter was taught how to conduct an efficient search s/he would be out of the building that much sooner seems to have escaped those writing the curiculum and training instructors.  

        • anchorpoint1 says:

          I think you are looking into it too much.  The book method is for beginners.  Just like anything else for beginners it is a basic, tried and true method that is simplified.  The simplification is to keep the book under 800 pages.  Just like everything else in the world as experience is gained the processes change.  Oh, I don’t think my method is perfect either, I’m sure there are better ways than this.

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