Postive Pressure Ventilation or Just a lot of Air

PPVThere seems to be a lot of discussion surrounding Positive Pressure Ventilation again. When and When not to use a Fan ( Blower ) well Before we get into all of that let's look at a few other things.

1. Just because you have watched Youtube videos or your neighborig FD's have one or some does not mean you know how to use it.

2. These fans can be a tool of Serious Injury Including Death if not ttaking account of Rule #1

3. The Fan ( Blower is only as good as your people nd their training ) No tool has ever made the firefighter, they make the tool.

4. An Equal or Larger exhaust opening needs to be open and the path for the air flow established prior to starting the Fan.

5. Busting out all the Windows in a strucutre and having no way to control the ventilation opening leaves the Fan ( Blower ) Useless

6. You as the firefighter standing in the Airflow path are limiting the amount of ari really reaching said area ( Get out of the way )

7. The Bigger Fan goes in the door way and the smaller one seals the opening.

8. NPV Fans can not be used as PPV they do not provide enough CFM's

9. The ventilation has to be done in a systematic approach, you can clear every room in a structure at one time.

10. Yes PPV can be used in conjunction with Vertical Ventilation.

11. You should has a good understanding of smoke reading before deploying PPV as a tactic.

Now with all that said the greatest key is actual hands on training which can start at the firehouse with some paper cut into strips to learn how to direct the air flow, and how much air flow your fan ( blower ) can really produce. It's a start.

Contraindications to using a Fan ( Blower ) as Written by Brian Arnold Fire Engineering 2009

A- Attic Fires

E- Exhaust opening too small

I- Imminet rescue ( If you can't control the smoke 100% )

O- Overpressurized Occupancy ( Due to increased interior temperatures )

U- Unable to locate the fire

Also the most basic of principles if you do not have charged handlines ready to deploy DON'T START THE FAN! Fire departments must take the time to conduct evolutions when incorporating PPV and/or PPA into their fire attack. If you are not sure contact your local or state fire academy for assistance. Also as you educate yourself you can use the link below:

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