Bread and Butter for Christmas by Training 38

When you ask someone what does "bread and butter" mean, you usually get a reply into what type of structure you normally respond to. We train or simulate training around these types of calls. How many times have you witnessed the deployment of the pre-connect/crosslay get totally screwed up on these so called " Bread and Butter" incidents? Improper postioning? Poor ground ladder handling? Water Supply? The lack of forward thinking? So the the question I am asking is your career "Bread and Butter"? Career, why you ask did I mention career, there are those that we surround ourselves when we want to have a good firehouse discussions. There are those who will get up and walk out of the room. These are typically the same ones who give 50% in training and 110% in fantasy football. They invest 50% into their careers and 110% into a hobby or counting down the clock until their shift ends. They are the ones who stray away from from "street smart" tactics and hold onto antiquated methods. So are they buttering our bread? Are they training as if their life depended on it? Probably not. So be careful on those "Bread & Butter" incidents and train harder, sweat more, pass on what you know and engage those who are 50%'ers. Make those individuals uncomfortable in training and make them competent in those areas they shy away from. They deserve it, their family deserves it and so does you and your family deserve it. 


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