NFPA announces new standard: 1521E

With the changes in the fire service being brought about through social media, NFPA (The world's leading advocate of fire prevention and public safety) has announced a new certification; NFPA 1521E. This standard will be known as the E-Safety Officer (ESO), Keyboard Safety Chief (KSC) or the Internet Old Salty Jake (Let Me Tell Ya Kid). The new standard is an extension of the Fire Department Safety Officer (1521) but emphasizes social media and the particular pitfalls involved.

Some members of the fire service may not have the intestinal fortitude to jump on every post in an effort to correct the author and/or a random commenter. The following will helo you decide if this is the job for you.


The minimum standards for KSC are not the same high standards as an ISO. Acceptable qualifications require at least 1 of the following:
-Active or retired Officer in a Paid or Call department
-Active or retired Firefighter, No minimum number of years
-Actively wanting to be a firefighter
-Have watched at least 2 of the following twice "Backdraft", "Ladder 49", or "Towering Inferno"
-Have an internet connection
-Certified Grammar Police

keyboard police

Job Performance requirements:
-Critique all postings on the internet for compliance with your personal beliefs
-Scour through other people's work and look for minor mistakes, take issue with them immediately
-Get into off topic arguments with other commenters
-Question other commenter's bravery and experience then make personal attacks
-Look at pictures of reenactments and claim they are fake.

keyboard army

In order to separate yourself from other KSC's I suggest commenting without reading the article or the story behind the pictures, and make sure to go for the safety flag violation every time. Nothing shows how much experience you have like throwing the safety flag.

-If he was wearing his equipment right this could never happen. Never. Or maybe it could.

-He is clearly not on air! How can you walk in a smoke free hallway without being on air.

-You will die of Cancer!!

-My Explorers club can do a confined space rescue better than these clowns.

-That's not a JOB, if those crews knew what they were doing they would not have that random problem.


As my friend Mark says; "2 things put out fire and typing is not one of them"

Now I have to say this is satire. There are many good resources out there for firefighters to use. Some sites post pictures or articles almost every day. Without fail someone will say there is some minor detail that is wrong and promptly attempt to discredit the whole thing.

"I think it takes a particular coward to criticize procedures that you don't understand; particularly when they apply to places that you don't have the bravery to go" Battalion Chief John Sullivan, FDNY

Try to keep the comments on subject.

Stay safe.



  • Russ Randolph says:

    the ability to comment on this topic is sometimes..uh most of the time..uh, oh hell we all comment on fires that we were not at and Monday morning quarterbacking is done even in PIA’s. I have allways been told that to be in the fire service, you need to have a thick skin but how does one feel when the finger is pointed at you? I am a rabid Blue Angel’s fan and have met them at various airshows and they all admit one thing, “we have never flown the perfect demo…EVER!” (but the folks on the ground don’t know that so we just take the appluse and shut up) so I guess we in the fire service should say the same thing…Good post

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