Pre-plan Challenge

I was told to write about ladders again, and I will, but first I have a Pre-plan Challenge for you.  I do enjoy the pre-plan stories, but lets be honest, everyone has the same response framework that they apply to the new location or given circumstances.  Now, the question I have is “Why?”  Why do firefighters apply the same response framework to every incident we are presented with?  Well, because it works.  It’s old hat. We are good at our jobs and minor deviations only cause slight, if any, impediment to our operations. And that’s a good thing.

I propose that the pre-plan challenges need to be more, well, challenging.  I don’t want to do the old “what about this one random one of a kind scenario” but maybe we could investigate some properties that would really throw the first responders off their game.  With that in mind, this is my first attempt at the “what is your pre-plan” game.

Welcome to North Bennett Street Court (Yes “Street Court”) in Boston Massachusetts’s, Historic North End.


I’ve taken a few pictures from all the accessible sides.



The first picture shows North Bennett Street en route to the access to North Bennett Street Court.  The street has only 10′ of usable space between the curb and parked cars.



Picture 2 shows the “B” side access.  This is a school and the gated lot access is 20′ wide at best, coupled with how narrow North Bennett Street is this lot would only be available to apparatus on the extremely rare chance that no cars are parked on the street.  The North End is always bustling with tourists.  even the largest street through the North End, Hanover Street, is always clogged with traffic and double parked cars and trucks.



Picture 3 shows the “C” side.  Good luck there.  10′ high brick wall 8′ from the building once you get through the iron gates.




Picture 4 shows the only real access to the “A” side, 9′ wide 10′-12′ high.





Picture 5 is the actual “A” side.




And finally picture 6 just shows what the access looks like and shows the closest hydrant.



I hope this is a challenging enough without adding in a specific fire location.  The only specific I’ll add is a top floor fire.

“Engine 8 to Fire Alarm, fire showing top floor on North Bennett Street Court”

And GO!


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