Fire Ops

We want you to Identify basic functions by putting yourself in the position of our brother and sisters in the videos. Remember these are videos and you could be the next week. We want to learn and grow not critcize.

Five basic points to consider.



•Hose Lines ( Deployment, Number )

•Truck Functions

•Water Supply


  • Eric says:

    Hi, Do you know of a book called ladders or something to that affect? It is suppose to be a book of tactics and strategies from FDNY? Trying to find out if it exists???

  • Firestudent1 says:

    Eric what we can tell you is that FDNY does has an excellent training manuals for their firefighters that are titled Ladders I-V. I’m not sure on how you can obtain them, but I do believe I have seen them on a website called fire training resources under the download section. If you don’t find anything there let us know via email and we will try to assist you further.

    FFBasics Crew

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