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Hey everyone, I’m back like a really bad habit! How often in your next tour will you as a fireman or a company officer hear the word “Why” come out of a members mouth? This word can be good, bad, or just downright insubordinate. This is my getting back in the grove, so this will be […]

Wishing a Safe and Blessed Memorial Weekend

Thank you to all who serve and have served. Thank you for Keeping us Safe when no one else would stand on that wall. You are the real heros. The crew here at Firefighter Basics salutes you. Also to the families of our serivce members Thank You! Here is a reminder to Keep The Faith!

Identify Basics

There is always talk of the basics and what they mean to the fire ground. Basics are the Key to preventing fire ground emergencies. Every week we will look at a fire not to poke fun or disrespect the agency in the photo or video, but in an effort to use these to open discussion […]

Legacy Tactics Part II by Training 38

So what does it take, to effectively manage a scene and not be labeled as a “Legacy” department? First, you must understand your response area, resource availability and the ability of your personnel. Secondly, once you arrive on scene, paint the picture gives a “Windshield size-up”. Then you must exit the vehicle and conduct a […]

Legacy Tactics Part I by Training 38

I have viewed the “Legacy vs. Modern Room” video that was done by NIST a dozen times. Every time I watch the video, I wonder how many departments are still operating as a “Legacy” department with tactics. Strategies have pretty much stayed the same throughout time, Life Safety, Incident Stabilization and Property Conservation. The last […]

Down South Trucking!

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Often times fire ground operations dictate aggressive engine work and the situation will get better for everyone, but who is looking out for the firefighters making the push. We are condition to make excuses or rely on the Fast/RIT teams to do basics fire gorund functions such as placing ground ladders for egress for operations […]

R.I.T Friend or Foe

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The discussion of Rapid Intervention continued to come up among various groups.