I’m on the Radio.


I was checking out some of the other firefighter blogs looking for something entertaining.  Lucky for me I stumbled across Lt. Lemon at ELAFF complaining about Radio Redundancy.  http://elaffhq.com/2011/08/19/radio-traffic-redundancy/

I suddenly have the urge to complain about the way some people use the radio.  For entertainment purposes only:

Push and hold the little button before you start to speak, and hold it down until you are finished speaking. Nothing is better than getting the middle and the end of a message. “…teen update for the EMS, patient is not….conscious…”

You aren’t in the military anymore.  “Roger, Wilco” and you don’t have to worry about the enemy tracking you so you don’t need to do the 5 second rush.

On the 5 second rush note, don’t think with the mic on.  Think, THEN speak, and make it short.

Don’t over lawyer it.  Yes you are being recorded, but you still have a job to do.  Don’t start changing protocols or common phrases at random.  For example; MVC or MVA, not giving updates if the patient/incident status changes, don’t hide things that should be broadcast.

Speaking of lawyers; you are being recorded, be professional.  “applyin O2”  classic.  “Patient is disorientated”,”It’s just a bum-he’s moving on”.

You aren’t a Doctor (If you are why are you reading this?). In my department we are only authorized 1st responder level care, EMT-B or P doesn’t matter so-“This guy is drunk” I prefer “altered mental status”.  “Heroin overdose” unless there is a needle nearby I usually go with “respiratory arrest”. 

If you aren’t first to the scene, you don’t need to call off, especially if you have no intentions of leaving the piece, thanks. Exceptions; it is a working incident, you are the chief, the ambulance we are all waiting for, or you are positioned out of sight and ready to provide a function from there. “E12 to dispatch, we are investigating on High St” …3min later…”Ladder 3 is on High St” Good job, the engine is already inside investigating, maybe even done already, they’ll see you when they are done.

Last but not least. DON’T EAT THE DAMN THING!  Keep it away from your mouth.  Did you know you may actually be able to leave it on the clip and speak? That’s 2′ from your mouth!

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