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When to use 2.5 ” ADULTS “

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A — Advanced Fire Upon Arrival  D — Defensive Operating Mode (Defensive Operations)  U  — Unable to Determine the Extent (Size) or Location of the Fire  L — Large, Uncompartmented Areas  T  — Tons of Water  (One ton of water per minute with a 1-1/8” tip)  S   — Standpipe Operations

Door Chocking

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I know we’re called Firefighter Basics.  I was actually wondering if this subject was TOO basic to cover.  It’s not.  We went on a run the other day and the officer told the 5 year guy to chock the door.  The 5 year guy reaches up to his helmet and lo and behold the 2 […]

Failure During Training

During the setup a multi-agency drill, a conversation was started after a prop that was going to be used was built. The conversation covered when to remove a firefighter from the prop that will be used as apart of an Air Management course. The statement was made a firefighter starts to lose it you remove them […]

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Marques Bush

Firefighter Basics launched in February 2009 after Founder/Editor Marques Bush was looking for a way to express himself and share his experiences with brother and sister firefighters. Shortly after founding the site Marques spoke with several trusted friends and ask them to come on board and contribute also. Firefighter Basics is a dedicated group of firefighters who strive everyday to practice what they preach about Training, Safety, and Tradition. We can be reached at

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