The Greedy Ones

Over the past couple of weeks I have become very disheartend with the fire service in my local area. I have realized that there is a lot of  lip service paid to Doing the Right Thing, but very little action as to which. The dishearting comes from the lack of truly sharing resources and information. Even though I have been in the fire service very long when I started thirteen years ago it was expected and acted upon when you had information or were doing a training, that it was going to be shared so as many firefighters as possible could be affected. Now with that being said the Greedy Ones and in this case Greed is not Good. The belief I was given coming up in the fire service and still believe today is share the information, share the training so that many can be affected not just your particular group or agency. Do the days no longer exsist of if I got it you got it. It appears that firefighters now use the mentality of the fish from the movie Finding Nemo Mine! Mine Mine! Who are you? Where did you come from? Last time I checked that ain’t the Brother/Sisterhood I knew or know and/or want to be apart of. My point is as you go out and find new information and you know its validated and correct share it with the masses it does you know good trapped up inside that head of yours.


  • Vince Horne says:

    To Some people Knowledge is power and being retired from EMS I found that in order for some people to bring themselves up they have to bring you DOWN to their level…..If you find yourself in this situation Take the High road …something you learned and shared may save someones life….keep up the good work and be safe

  • Donovan says:

    That was the seagulls, just sayin.
    I’m picking up what you’re putting down. We send guys to National training and when the come back from an 8 day class all they have to say is “It was good”. “It was good”? That’s all you have you Effing idiot? If I went you can guarentee when I get back I would be showing you what I learned or at least what I thought was important.
    Oh, you got me on a soapboax now…
    Then you get that guy that knows every street in the damn city but won’t drive and gives you a smug look when you don’t know where you are going. And then won’t give you directions. Isn’t it in everyone’s best interest to get there?
    I’m done.

  • Firestudent1, don’t get all depressed and start crying into your coffee mug. Dry up your tears. Here, have a tissue and wipe your nose. Have a sip of water. Feeling better? You should.

    Like you, I used to get twisted up and upset when folks didn’t seem to “get it” with training. I didn’t understand why firefighters didn’t show up at the station on training night or didn’t appear to have a great attitude during daily shift training sessions. I couldn’t believe a firefighter would attend an outside training session and NOT bring something back. Not an idea. Not even a nugget of useful information.

    Maybe the folks attending the training sessions aren’t bringing something back because the firefighter doesn’t feel comfortable speaking in public or doesn’t know how to present the information to others. There could be lots of reasons why this is occurring.

    Also, why not take this down period in the level and quality of training programs to rejuvenate yourself? Keeping up with current techniques and trends takes lots of time and effort; publishing these smae things on the internet adds to the tasks you must perform.

    Come up with some new stuff. Refine your ideas. When the tide turns and firefighters are ready and receptive for additional training, you’ll be ready!

    Chin up, brother. It’will get better!

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