Mother-in-Law is back in town

 Well, my wife’s mom is back in town.  My kids are excited that they would now get more help with their homework.Grandma was an elementary school teacher for 40 odd years before retiring to focus on her true passion; making my life miserable. 

 I found it interesting that they would look forward to her arrival because last time she was here they actually asked me “When is she leaving, nothing is goood enough for her?”.  I can only imagine they LIKE her high standards.  They really do want people to ask more of them. 

So, in an attempt to make this relevant to the fire service….I went to my next assignment as a rental officer the other day.   No big deal I know these guys, and they know me.  I’ve worked with them at incidents before and done training with them.  Before I could get through my first cup of coffee one of my new, and temporary, crew asked me about elevator incidents.  I told him we could go out that day and see a few different types and go over some basics.  He said “That’s why I asked you.  I knew you’d take us out and show us.” 

 The boss of the house also seemed pleased to have me on his company.  He hinted at the fact that I did not get the best group in the house and that others may have refused the spot because of the crew.  I could care less who I get, I have a job to do and they are part of it.  I partially believe that a “bad” crew is a reflection of the officer. 

We took the chain saw apart and visited the elevators at the nearest mass transit stop on the first day. The next tour we went to a high rise under construction for a preplan, a couple of the guys didn’t know the site was going on, let alone in their district.

We will see how long before they get tired of me and ask “when are you leaving, nothing is good enough for you?”

Stay Safe.

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