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The Greedy Ones

Over the past couple of weeks I have become very disheartend with the fire service in my local area. I have realized that there is a lot of  lip service paid to Doing the Right Thing, but very little action as to which. The dishearting comes from the lack of truly sharing resources and information. […]

Kicking Cancer: Daughter of Rock Hill (SC) FD Captain Needs Support – Fire Engineering

Kicking Cancer: Daughter of Rock Hill (SC) FD Captain Needs Support – Fire Engineering. Please click on this link and help this Brother in need and his little girl. We have order several flash hoods as of this evening.

Drilling vs Training

As the fire service seems to grow younger, there seems to be a lack of understanding in drilling and then training. Some have the mindset that drilling means training and vice-versa and they would not be far off the mark. However, you have to train before you Drill. Drills are a series of exercise that […]

Mother-in-Law is back in town

 Well, my wife’s mom is back in town.  My kids are excited that they would now get more help with their homework.Grandma was an elementary school teacher for 40 odd years before retiring to focus on her true passion; making my life miserable.   I found it interesting that they would look forward to her arrival […]

Investing and Not in a 401 K

I have written on this topic before but, I feel that it is even more important now. In a time when the Fire Service is under attack by the political hacks who are suppose to be servants of the people, our budgets are being cut and what area normally suffers first is training.  Firefighters are […]