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Tech rescue rant…

Ok, let’s talk technical rescue for a minute.  High risk/low frequency.   Will you get one in your town?  Yes. Will you be able to identify it for what it is?  Probably not. Will you get hurt at this incident?  If you’re lucky, yes.  If unlucky, you’ll die. I’m not good at drama, that’s as close […]

Sliding Across the Seat

  We have a brand new Lieutenant on my company filling in while our assigned boss is out.   I can see the Jr. Lt struggling with his new role and trying to find his place in the chain of command.  He came from a slower district with very few EMT-B’s and a company without a specialty […]

No More Empty Promises

Firefighter Basics Crew has under gone a lot in the past few months personally and professionally. Firefighter Basics will return to regular postings and engaging our Brothers and Sisters on a regular basis next month. Maybe even a fresh look too. Please email us any suggestions or ideas that you have wanted to see. What we […]