Ahhh Yes! The Annual firefighter recharge FDIC !

This year Firefighter Basics will not be in attendance at FDIC,but our Blog Brothers, and Sisters will. From the Brotherhood Instructors to The Fire Critic. Please stop by the Firefighternation, Fire Ems Blogs Booth while you are out in Indy and say hello. Also please Attend the Meet up that is scheduled for Friday Night at O’Reily’s Pub and Restaurant on Penn St from 8pm to 11pm and connect with your favorite bloggers and even have a cold one or ten and tale some tales.

I hope everyone enjoys there time at FDIC and remembers that learning and acquiring knowledge mean nothing if you refuse to share it with your Brothers and Sisters. Most of the crew will be sitting home watching the coverage or teaching. God Bless enjoy and maybe we will see ya in Baltimore.

Also please check FDIC website for some great classroom presentations by Jason Hoevelmann, Nick Morgan, Rhett Fleitz just to name a few. Get to these classrooms early they will fill up quick. Just great hard working firefighters like you and I who are trying to share some knowledge.

We hope everyone has a great time and we look forward to hearing the stories

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