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Automatic Aid, Mutual Aid, and Consolidation Nothing New

Nothing pisses me off more than ego trips that could potential kill firefighters, and Civilians. I have been reading lately about Fire Service Administrators ( Not Leaders ) there is a significant difference that like to play the ignorance card when it comes to putting the best foot forward when it comes to providing emergency […]

Not Attending FDIC? If not tell us what your doing this week

Not attending FDIC? What will you do this week to ensure you are Combat Ready?

Ahhh Yes! The Annual firefighter recharge FDIC !

Not Attending but we wish we were

Aggressive or Stupid

If you ain’t first you’re last.

Am I My Brothers Keeper?

Lessons learned from New Jack City

Leadership problem

Why do I have to drill?

Real Advice to Probies

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No, really this time.

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Marques Bush

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