Equipment Familiarization Drill

Quite often we take for granted that when we receive intital training on a piece of equipment that it is the gospel, especially if it comes from manufacture. The sad part is the training you receive is just barely enough to get you in trouble.  So this drill is to challenge you to truly get familiar with your equipment. I’m going to ask a few questions.

1. Have you read the manuals that come along with the equipment?  Most times the answer is no, they were ripped off and thrown in the trash we are firefighters we saw the demo on the equipment we know how to work it.

2. Do you even know if you still have the operators manuals?

3. Now that you read the manuals what did you learn?

4. After learning that you were doing a lot of things shouldn’t have are you sharing it with members in the dept?

5. Will you take this approach from now on.

We truly need to learn our equipment in and out. Push it to its limits during training so you know what kind of performance can be expected on the fire ground.  For firefighters that read this post think back to when a piece of equipment didn’t work right or failed. When you went looking for answers what did you find?

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