Flashover Friday: Training Division

How do you feel about your training division?

What do you think a training division should do?

Who should be in training?

Tips for a successful training program?


  • Larry says:

    How?—I believe the dedication and focus is lacking. “All talk, no action”

    What?—The training division should get the “entire” department involved. Everybody has something to share, no matter the years of service.

    Who?—Someone with a strong desire for the job and a strong desire for seeing their fellow brothers/sisters succeeding. He or she must have great people skills and be open minded.

    Tips?—Be open minded, Listen to all the ranks, Have a game plan and share the game plan with the troops

  • drillmaster2 says:

    Training What????

    Get involved, get engaged, as a Training Officer, you are responsible for every member on your department. If you do the SSDD all the time bad things will happen and you will be on Murphy’s list!
    Train to Survive Everyday!

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