Fire Ground Search

When you first began to study the fire service and its history, one of the first statements you learn is the mission statement. In this mission statement, it states that our top priority is to save lives and then property. When you are attending, your BASIC fire class one of the skills continually repeated is search and rescue. You are taught to get in and search for life whether you are apart of a hose team or just a crew for search and rescue. When operating in a dwelling or building fire you should be conducting search for life if the conditions allow. The reason we are here is to save lives. The Building is secondary. When you are on scene if you are the IC make, sure this basic but critical task is done. If you are a company officer, ask the IC for the assignment if it is not pre-determined. It is never acceptable to find out after the fire has been extinguished that there was a victim inside. When conducting primary searches firefighters must still stick to the basics of right and left hand search patterns; using the tools such as the Halligan, Axe, Hook, and Thermal Imagers to aid finding a trapped occupant. Practice searching as often as you can! I promise you will learn something new all the time. Get the searches done! It is your job!

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