Flashover Training Needs To Be A Part Of Basic Recruit Training

Great teaching tool

As firefighters enter the service they should be given as much education as possible to survive. Flashovers are not just something that should be taught out of a book or viewed on a video. Until you have truly been able to witness a flashover and the signs leading up to a flashover, you are truly not prepared. Firefighters are in desperate need of this training as a part of the basic firefighting classes due to the amount of btu’s given off by the materials that are produced now. With the increase in using plastics and foams in building materials and furniture, the list could go on, these events can happen a lot sooner than anticipated. A few signs of Impending flashover are:

  1. Thick black turbulent smoke
  2. Banking down of the smoke
  3. High heat build up
  4. Little fingers of fire are showing ( Rollover or Flameover )

Simulators like in the above training can be brought in by professionals to let you experience a flashover and teach you techniques to recognize and prevent a flashover from occuring. Learning about flashover is apart of basic fire behavior so why not the hands on training.

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