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From all of us at Firefighter Basics, we wish you all a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving! To our Brothers and Sisters that have the watch, while we eat our turkey, Stay safe, remember the basics! We hope you will have a quiet tour with your second families.  Take care everyone, enjoy the day, because  Firefighter […]

Firefighter Chance Zobel Funeral Arrangements

SC Firefighter’s Funeral Arrangements

Hello VPS!

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Got VPS? Another look at Vacant Property Systems

Help A Brother Firefighter

Are we our Brother’s keeper

Where is my water Wednesday

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The Fire Company Sucks!

Knowing Your Equipment and Your Job Means Increased Safety

If you do nothing at least learn your Job and the Equipment!

Flashover Friday: Training Division

Does the Training Division ever get it right?

Fire Ground Search



To Firestudent 1 and Mrs. Firestudent 1, from all of us little helpers, We have the Watch, enjoy the vacation! You deserve it, the SSDD will be around for us all. From all of us at Firefighter Basics, enjoy the ocean. We hope the boats name didn’t start with a T or end in an […]

Flashover Training Needs To Be A Part Of Basic Recruit Training

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Firefighters are in desperate need of this training as a part of the basic firefighting classes due to the amount of btu’s given off by the materials that are produced now.

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