Pre-Planning, Where to start.

In my current capacity as a rental boss I don’t have the privilege of having my own crew.  Where ever I get sent is the crew I have.  It’s sort of like taking care of brothers grown kids; they know what to do, your just there for occasional guidance.  Here is one of those instances.

We were responding to alarms sounding in a building and I hear one of the guys in the back say “I hate this building, It’s confusing and if we get something here we are going to look like crap”.   Well that’s just ducky, thanks for instilling confidence in me.  We run the call and the crew wants to hurry out. I ask them “since we are here and we have the maintenance guy, let’s walk the whole building”.  No problem.  We drew a little map, found the utilities and then found roof access.  10 min well spent.  .  We also realized if we parked on the side of the building we could run a line directly to 3/4 of the building instead of just  the 1/4 when we parked out front.   When we got back to the barn I showed them how to put it into the CAD

2 drills for the day.  They loved it.  The reason they never did it before was because they thought it would take too long.  Now they know, and with the info in the CAD the whole city can know if they want.

In our line of work avoiding things usually makes them worse.  If there is a building in your area that you “don’t like” get on it.  Make an appointment and walk through it.  Find the utilities, roof access, any little secrets you can.

Next time  we’ll talk about the actual pre-planning process.

Be Safe

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