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Ok, so this doesn’t have anything to do with cooking Mexican food, but it does deal with paying attention the next time you are at a Mexican restaurant. When you sit down and look at the menu, take a few minutes and look around. Notice how they are all laughing and carrying on having a good time. They don’t fight over who’s table is who’s or who is going to do what. They all work together and get the job done. One waiter brings you your chips and salsa, another takes your order, another brings you your drinks and yet another brings you your dinner. The point I am trying to make is that you could learn a few things from watching these guys work. Proficient and fluent work, with little talking among them. They know what each other is going to do and know that if one person misses something, there is going to be another right behind them grabbing it.  One guy can carry four plates on one arm from his wrist to his shoulder, and still carry one to two more plates on the other.

If these guys can do these things with small plates, why is it that we have firefighters that can’t even carry one tool? Why is it that some firefighters on the fire ground, have to be told what to do? There should be very little talking about what to do on the fire ground. The officer should be able to tell the crew what he wants done before they even get off the truck and not worry about checking behind their guys to make sure they do the job right.


  • Angela Wade Oliver says:

    It sure sounds to me like you are missing El Campesino’s, being down there in South Carolina…..maybe we’ll have to take you there for your wedding!!! Great articles btw….

  • Angela Wade Oliver says:

    It sure sounds to me like you are missing El Campesino’s, being down there in South Carolina…..maybe we’ll have to take you there for your wedding!!! Great articles btw….

  • My shortest comment ever: AMEN!!

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John Vanatta
Words Matter
Dave, I don't know why that is the "default response". I am not a regular ISFSI member, and I have no reason to defend or attack them as an organization. Maybe my response was poorly worded, or there is a misunderstanding. The instructor from my class did not mince any words-rescue is the priority, use…
2015-09-05 00:35:00
Words Matter
Thank you for your comment John. I'm happy to hear you got the message clear by attending the class, but there are an estimated 1.2 million firefighters in the USA. They are not all going to be able to attend the class. Many will learn from people like you who attended the class and bring…
2015-09-04 23:49:29
Dave LeBlanc
Words Matter
Just curious....why is the default response when someone disagrees with what ISFSI puts out that they have not read/studied/learned enough?
2015-09-04 22:39:25
John Vanatta
Words Matter
I attended the SLICE-RS class and the instructor course, and recently passed the info on to my dept. I disagree that ISFSI or the SLICE-RS program are as sloppy as implied. I walked away from the classes with an extremely clear understanding that rescue is always the priority, straight/solid streams are necessary for the exterior…
2015-09-04 22:03:39
Sandy Lasa
Words Matter
This whole so called new phenomenon from NIST as been around for years. The Fire Service has gone insane over this. The only new info that has come out and been verified is that fires DO burn hotter now than before. Everything else has stayed the same. It comes down to training and mastering your…
2015-09-04 13:21:30

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