Fire Alarm activation drill

Ok Brothers and Sisters, we all run these things regularly. The drill portion of this is quick and easy, well maybe. We all have policies for AFA’s do we follow them the same at 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning? We all need a refresher from time to time.

1. get out the policy for responding to AFA’s see how many members know the policy as they should, Bosses you are not exempt.

2.Next pull a target hazard out, they normally have a slightly different SOP, SOG, whatever, do you know the policy for the target hazard or hazards.

3. Take the time to discuss with the members, probie or veteran, why these policies are in place and why they need to be followed religiously on every alarm. Answer questions about what you know to be fact Bosses. If you don’t know for sure find out, so your folks are safe!

4. Lastly, everyone, bosses included, reflect on enforcement of the policy. Do we follow this all the time even in 99 degree heat or do we slack off and what can happen if we throw caution to the wind.

5. This drill can be used in house, or while you are on the street, but, use it. It has worked for me, it will work for all of you! Enjoy!

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