What’s wrong with this picture?

Ok so I am not claiming to be an expert on loading LDH or anything but to see this makes me wonder. What are people thinking when they load hose? This is the rear of the hose bed. Who was in charge of the process? Paying attention to details can go a long way. Check all equipment before it goes back into service. Lets hear some comments on what you all think.


  • anchorpoint1 says:

    No clue.

  • Bob says:

    Only thing I could think is that this is the finish for the flat load. We run something similar at work and we have a piece of 2″ flat webbing tied in a loop that we thread through the finish so the Engine Driver can pull off a full section of 4″ without having to get up onto the tail board.

  • fire3fighter0 says:

    This is the rear of the hose bed. Normaly all coupling’s are taken as close to the front as possible. I one comes close to the rear like this, a dutchman is placed in the hose so that they come out a little easier.

  • pfd24 says:

    Dutchman…to place the coupling at least half way on the hosebed.

  • pfd24 says:

    And…if you look up close, it seems the marker line that they drew at the end of the coupling on the left of the pic, for testing the hose has stretched from the coupling a little bit. Thats just what it looks like, i could be wrong

  • drillmaster2 says:

    I’m no expert by any means, but if my guys loaded that LDH like that, they would pull it off, reason is this. Unless this the last coupling, for them to lay out properly, all couplings should be at the front of the bed. If this is the last coupling which is possible by just looking at the picture, they should have a finished the load, for a firefighter to pull off. We have a folded over with a piece of webbing to pull and our last coupling has a connection forward lay, or take that off, whalla, reverse lay.

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