Flashover Fridays

Sorry this isn’t where we show you a video of flashovers.  The ticker tape was pretty popular so we will expand on that.  Everybody loves to complain, myself included.  We’ll start with some general things and then see where we go from there.

Complain or praise as you see fit, but you better explain/justify your statements so others understand.  Otherwise you will have wasted your time and others as well.

Week 1 will be apparatus.

I hate E-one.  and here’s why;

1. They are THE cheapest built apparatus on the market.  If you want lowest bidder here it is.

2.  Suspension is Crap.  Broken leaf springs every couple years.  The 2 year old pump we are driving recently broke one.

3. No design evolution.  The new ones look just like the old ones.  Oh no, wait the gauges on the dash now have Blue lights and they are currently working, I’m sure it won’t last.

4.  The good, They are cheap

I like Pierce.  New design, quality assembly with quality parts.  They run strong and look good.  The bad: Price,  The damn doors don’t stay shut, the steps cracked the first year, and there are locks on the doors and only 2 keys.  Who carries Keys?


  • Nate Q. says:

    One more reason for you to not like them…their not the low bid anymore. Our last bids, they were the highest by far.

  • Nate Q. says:

    Sorry, I meant “they’re”

  • anchorpoint1 says:

    Ouch, that throws my whole budget theory right out the window. Can you share the price rankings with us? If not the actual price than the order the bids came in. Thank you.

  • Nate Q. says:

    Don’t have access to the exact prices right now, but here is the order from Low to high (we were bidding on a 75′ quint BTW):

    Pierce – lowest
    Ferarra – + ~$1,500
    Seagrave – +~$25,000
    E-One – +~$25,000

    We run both Pierce and E-One apparatus (our other Quint is an E-one…no real problems…actually a good truck). The Pierce just seemed to give the most bang for the buck.

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