From the Ticker Tape

  1. If  your going to be on a Truck Company throw the damn ladders and throw them correctly. If you don’t know how to throw them and are not willing to practice get off the job.
  2. If you see a firefighter doing a head first ladder bail, they do not need your help, they need you to get out of their way.
  3. Engine Operators and OIC pull past the structure you might see something that the other two sides did not show.
  4. If the DRD could get included in an NFPA standard why in the hell can’t personal escape systems.
  5. Do not sit personal escape systems in a box or at your warehouse put them on the firefighters train them and they might just save a life.

This is a way to vent frustrations incurred during the weak. Feel free to add to the list. The only rule is not talking about a person directly.


  • Dave LeBlanc says:

    6. The Firehouse is your second home. Each day, each shift, try and leave it just a little better than you found it. As a mentor once said, “the worst thing they can ever make you do on this job is what you are supposed to be doing anyway..”

  • Engine Captain Missouri says:

    7. Get your priorities for the shift in order before you walk in the door. This is your Profession, not your secondary job, Act like it!

  • 13 Truck says:

    8. A burnt helmet does not make you a seasoned fireman. (Yeah, I’m not very PC) It’s what’s in your head, not what’s on it that counts.

  • Engine Captain Missouri says:

    9. Act as a boss, treat your members as adults, we need not look over shoulders constantly, unless given good reason! Act like a boss, not the teacher that we’ve all had in school, that pays more attention to your business than doing their job!

  • pfd24 says:

    10. When your wearing the colors and name of your company or department, respect that and act like a professional. Save the goofing around for the firehouse.

  • HallwaySledge says:

    11. If you’re going to spout “train, train, train” then support it, make time for it and for everyone’s sake get out there and do it!

  • anchorpoint1 says:

    12. If you don’t like training find another line of work because you make the job harder and less safe for the people who are doing their job.

    13. Treat the population of your city as if each one of them has to sign your paycheck.

  • 13 Truck says:

    Don’t train until you get it right, train until you can’t get it wrong.

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