Review of 4 fire boots

The pictures here are the boots that I’ve worn over the last 8 years. I’ve worn each one for at least 2 years each, so I’ve gotten to know them pretty well.  I’m not generally a complainer and really have a hard time picking out minute differences between products.  I’ll share my thoughts, you folks expand on them as you wish and maybe in the end we’ll have  reviews worthy of reading.

Boot 1- Globe Structural Supreme.  I like this boot, I really do.  They are strong, reflective, and lightweight.  The price is a bit of a problem.  I don’t know too many guys tossing out $300+ for a pair of boots.  They really are lightweight, and they come with an extra insole for some more fine tuning on the fit.  And they are comfortable.  The reason I stopped wearing these before they were worn out is that the boot upper is too big.  They are like the moon boots my mom used to make me wear in the winter.  I know it sounds whiny.  But I’m not a huge guy, so after the call when I’m taking off my bunker pants I would have to make a special effort to get the pants around the dang boot.   The bigger fellas had no problem.

Boot 2- Thorogood 14″.  These were my first true love.  I went from the rubber boots to these because the local supply store was getting rid of them ($150) not bad.  Average price is a little over $200.  I wore these the longest of all the boots.  They are half the weight of the rubber boots, and that would put them in about second out of these four.  These boots were worth every penny.  The upper part can fold in half easily to get your bunker pants off.   They fit like a work  shoe.  When I tried them on for the purpose of this review the only complaints I  had was that the reinforcement in the heel was broken and there are a couple of popped seams.  If you  have a little money but not enough for one of those “top of the line boots”  this is the one to get.  I did get them a size too small, and I’m still fine with them.

Boot 3- Ranger Shoe-Fit.  By “Shoe-Fit” I imagine they mean it goes on your feet, as opposed to “Glove-Fit” which would go on your hands.  This is a classic example of taking a technology from another industry and making it work in the fire service.  These should stay on the farm.  On my department we refer to these as the s*%t kickers.  Guess why.  At $150 max I can see why  my department  issued these.  Well, my momma told me “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”.  So the nice thing…They meet all minimum requirements set forth by the 2000 edition of NFPA 1971.  And that’s all I have to say about that.

Boot 4- Pro Warrington 500’s.  The “Terminator Boot”  I love these boots.   When you show up at someone’s house wearing these boots the only thing people are thinking is “what is he going to kick with those?”  I think the Terminator toe does have a purpose, I don’t know what it is.   I’m also a big fan of the shin guard that these have in common with the Thorogoods.  These boots got about 3 years use from me and I will be going back to them.  No blown seams.  A no leaks.  No internal damage.   They loosened up like a good boot should.  The fit is better than the Thorogood (might be my fault). They are light weight.   I suppose I should put a con in here….Oh yeah, they aren’t cheap either.  If you are going to invest in a pair of boots, these are the ones.  Spend the $50 more than the Thorogood boot.  As much as the Thorogood is worth every penny, these are too.  The bonus with these is the toe, Look at that thing!

Alright, in order from best to “why bother”, it’s the 5000’s, then Thorogood, then Globe,and waaaay back is the  Rubber boots.

I feel like I’m taking too much away from the Globe’s, They are good, but if it isn’t functional I don’t care how good it is.


  • Engine Captain Missouri says:

    I can only judge on the couple of leather boots I’ve worn as a volunteer and a paid firefighter. First off rubber boots while I wore these for years, are at the bottom of the list. I wore Pro Warrington as a volunteer and fell in love with them, but that was years ago. My dept currently wears Globe. The Globe boot has served us well for the past couple of years, with no real problem to speak of.

  • Annie says:

    I love the Warringtons! They are just as comfortable as regular non- steel toe boots in my opinion. I think the Terminator toe is for traction when you’re crawling around? Anyway, love em.

  • FF/EMT says:

    Have only had my globes for a couple months and am already looking for something else. May give the Pro Warrington’s a shot. Took the globes into a structure fire my 2nd shift wearing them and had a nail go through the bottom of them like it was nothing. I have the same problem getting my pants down around them when doffing them also. Otherwise the Globes feel great like everyone says they do, but what good is it if I have a nail in my foot and have to come out. . . not so comfortable anymore eh. Hope this helps out

  • Marine 1 says:

    Ive had the Pro-Warringtons for about 10 years now. I love them. I would not be looking to replace them, except the top part of the boot started to rip (only about a year ago) and now they are leaking. I am certainly looking at the new similar replacement pair, but want to also check out the competition.

    Stay Safe

  • Roofgang says:

    Did anybody with the globes notice your ankle comes right out of the boots after breaking them in a little???? I bought a pair, exchanged them for a narrow width and they are still doin the same thing…….my ankles come right out of the boot…

  • anchorpoint1 says:

    I did not notice that, Roofgang. The thing that killed them for me is that I had a hard time getting my hitch off at the end of a run. I could use the analogy of trying to put 10lbs of whatever you want in a 5lbs bag. I got so frustrated after a couple busy days in a row that I ended up chucking the things across the floor and going back to the Warrington’s. I did get a couple months out of them before I gave up, I did not break them in at all. Like I said in the article; if it isn’t functional I don’t care how good it is. I use them when I’m shoveling snow at home now. Thanks for the comments.
    Be Safe

  • Jeanine Southall says:

    Thanks so much for the article! I am sending back my 2nd pair of Globe boots and am getting frustrated with the whole process. I have a wide foot and a high arch, not to mention I need a size 6 or 6.5. They seem very cushy inside but my heel slips out of the 6.5 so much I’m afraid I’d crawl right out of them. But the 6 in the extra wide isn’t wide enough in the steel toe box and my heel still slips out and pushes my foot forward so that all my toes hit the end. Ugh! Anyway, my next step was to try the Pro Warrington’s but it’s getting REALLY hard to have to keep paying just to try on a boot (that might not even fit). Do you find much of a heel or toe width difference between the Globe and Warringtons? Thanks for the comparisons, it’s hard to find anywhere with some honest info between the boots available. -Jeanine

  • Jayson says:

    Our department bought the Globe’s trough a grant. All I can say is quite disappointed. They are comfortable but we’ve had 2 pairs that caught fire and melted at a grass fire and globe wouldn’t do anything about it. I wouldn’t feel safe in a structure fire in them. Back to my rubber boots for now, Thinking about the Pro Warrington’s.

  • Kevin says:

    I have been a Pro Warrington user for years but I have been thinking of swapping my worn down, dry rotted, and ripped 10+ year old boot boots for the Globes. A few guys in a class I am taking have them and love them. Nobody in my house has them in my house so I may need to be the first.

  • Ken says:

    I just recently blew out my Pro Warrington 4000’s. And that’s only because they are 6 years old and have been beat to hell and back. Very, very comfortable (even after 6 years). I may even try to have the side stitching repaired to keep as back ups. Sadly, Homeywell is discontinuing them. So I may have to go with the Power Toe as we call.

    Also had a pair of Haix, similar to the Globe with the wide upper calf. They run about half a size larger (so order a half size smaller than what you want). I like the oblique toe on my PWar for comfort, but these aren’t bad.

  • Damon says:

    If in need of a durable and well fit boot you could use all day and not hurt at the end. Try the 5555 Honeywell Nighthawk. You will like.

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