Kiss Ass or Hard Worker

We have all seen it. The person who is always involved in some project for the Chief or always doing something to “look good” when the Chief is around or when it is promotion time. When it does come time for promotion, this person get’s the position. Let the bashing begin. “They only got there because they are the Chief’s buddy,” “It’s no surprise he got the position. He’s always under the Chief’s desk.” I can go on and on but that’s not what I am writing about.

The great thing about the Fire Service is that we have such a wide variety of people working in our profession. Some people are naturally good workers. Some need a little more encouragement than others. Still others only seem to do things when the right people are around. So this brings me to the Big question. Is the person really a kiss ass or are they a good worker.

The true kiss asses. These are the people who make themselves look good when the right people are around. They are the ones who are only interested in doing something if it is going to make them look good or is going to be beneficial to them. They ask, sometimes in very subtle ways, what is in it for them.

The hard workers. These are the people who do things because they want to and don’t care if there is recognition or if it will make them look good. They take the time to do things the right way and get things done in an efficient and timely manner. They do not ask “What’s in it for me.”

Most of the time, I believe these two get mixed up with each other. Sometimes the person who is a hard worker and does the things that need to be done, gets mistaken for a kiss ass. The hard worker is doing things to get them done because no one else wanted to do them because there isn’t any recognition that comes with it. I also think that a lot of times, the people who are calling the other person a kiss ass, are just jealous of that person because they are getting noticed for doing what is either asked of them or was asked of the person complaining but was turned down cause they weren’t going to get anything out of it.

In closing, I would only ask everyone to take a minute to analyze the situation before passing judgment on someone. Look at all the factors. Do they routinely ask what’s in it for them before taking on a project or do they just suck it up and do it because someone asked them to. Look at yourself. Do you do projects that are asked of you without asking “What’s in it for me?” Are they really a kiss ass or just a hard worker?

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