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Flashover Friday

Unload your feelings on any topic you feel. No pointing fingers, and NO NAMES!

Why just the Probie?

Why is it whenever we find out we will be receiving a probationary firefighter we get all excited and say we are going Back to the Basics. When truth be told you have enough equipment and topics to stay on the basics all year-long and then some. What I have found is that when you […]


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Rest in peace brothers. After a tough couple days the USFA says there were 49 LODD’s as of 7/27/2010.  2 more in Bridgeport Conn, 1 in Otis Mass, 2 more in Rocky Mount Va. A Line of Duty Death is one of THE hardest things a firefighter will ever have to deal with.   EVER For […]

With Heavy Hearts and Heads in Hands

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We owe to these brothers, and the hundreds of brothers before them that have made the ultimate sacrafice.

Tactics Tuesday

Give your Size up and Fire Ground Operations [vodpod id=ExternalVideo.958480&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26] Tactics Tuesday, posted with vodpod

Give the best saying or phrase you use or have heard by Jeff Schwering

Many quotes and sayings, whether by well known Brother firefighters or the guy on the next due company, seem to play a part in who we are as firefighters and as Brothers! Lets see how many we can come up with. Since I’m tossing the gauntlet, I’ll be first: First In, Last Out by John […]

Drill: Practice your Mayday Procedures

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Review your procedures for calling a mayday Discuss the parameters of when you would call a mayday like the pic below. Get your gloves and radio and call a mayday using whichever mnemonic your department uses ex LUNAR, UNCAN Also practice activating your Emergency Button on your radios with gloved hands if the buttons are […]

Flashover Fridays

Sorry this isn’t where we show you a video of flashovers.  The ticker tape was pretty popular so we will expand on that.  Everybody loves to complain, myself included.  We’ll start with some general things and then see where we go from there. Complain or praise as you see fit, but you better explain/justify your […]

Apparatus Chevroning? Non Effective Reaction or About Damn Time

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While enjoying the discussion on Personal Escape Systems.  Bill Carey from BackstepFirefighter really got me to thinking. Why are we always so reactionary to problems and want to fix them with gadgets when the problem does boil down to training. Don’t take me wrong I wrote the post and strongly believe personal escape systems should […]

Firefighter fitness

According to USFA, as of May 31, 2110 there were 31 LODDs.  Of those, 17 were heart attack. More than 54%. More than half. I guess that begs the question; Why? I’ll spare you the firehouse routine.  Here are the factors that USFA uses-Tobacco use, Weight, Inactivity, Diabetes, Family history, and High Blood pressure.  And […]

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