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Gotta love new construction, because there are no secrets.  I fully recommend that everybody take a cruise through your first due area and have a look at construction sites.  I’m not saying you need to be the code enforcement officer but just get to know what’s happening in your area in case you need to respond there.  Have a talk with the contractors about anything that looks out of place or new.  Again, don’t try to scare them or you won’t be allowed back on the site and they won’t call you if they need you.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard dispatch say ” at the construction site”, “near the construction site”, “the building under construction”….

Now look at this foundation.  Does anything stick out?  Sure it’s a little irregular shape, obvious garage and possibly a  finished basement. BUT, what is that on the left?  Panic room? Vault?  Cistern?

I spoke with the contractor.  But do you folks have any ideas?


  • blancety says:

    Front porch foundation. Sometimes they use sonotubes, or four foot “frost” walls. I spoke witha contractor a while back that said the only real difference in his cost is the amount of concrete.

  • Engine Captain Missouri says:

    At least you had a contractor talk to you. Many times some of these folks may know things, but are hesitant or don’t want to talk to the FD. We need to get out and find out these things. Honestly, some of the best information I’ve gotten has been from a parent, an engineer, during a tour of our engine house for his kid, that my guys were doing. Whatever it takes, to keep us safe.

  • anchorpoint1 says:

    It is a frost wall. And I have to put up an updated picture, because the right side of the foundation is a front entry garage, not a rear/basement one. Cpt, whatever it takes is right.
    Also, the only reason I even included those other options is because I’ve seen them all during my insurance inspector days. I would post the pics but they are just assorted doors.

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